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In the age of information, big data, and open access... use it!

Allow our team to arm you with the most relevant and credible tools to help your team make better decisions faster.

Not the typical consulting program.  We are a spark to your flame, not a replacement of what you have.  

Allow our team to add a boost to your current program by having some of our experts sit with some of your experts to combine super powers.

Zig Zigler said "motivation is like bathing, you should do it everyday."  Ignite your teams with passionate and vibrant trainings to put real power behind your programs.  

Allow our team to help you put on the show.  


Creative Marketing 

Making your brand memorable starts by making a connection with your audience.  Stirring up emotion from your buyers gets them thinking.  Once you have them thinking, then you have to get them to take action.  No matter how old your brand or what you sell, there are always several angles to look at when deciding on what creative marketing you want to communicate.  


Is your brand serious? Playful? Thoughtful? Convenient?  After you decide what emotion you'd like to leverage, then you must find ways to communicate that message in a way that is quickly absorbed, understood, and actionable.  


Growology's experts understand the blueprint needed to launch a successful creative marketing piece.  Our design and marketing teams partner closely with your product teams to bring forward the most impactful message possible; one that gets your audience informed, engaged, and converted.

Leverage Growology to design your next creative campaign.


Focus Areas:

  • Full Service Design

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Platform Development

  • Existing Product or Service Re-Brand

  • New Product or Service Brand 

  • Packaging, Print, Digital, Signage 

  • Audio & Video Commercial Services 

  • Internal Corporate Messaging 

  • Consumer Messaging 

  • Call-To-Action Messaging 

  • Market or Discipline Specific 

Go-To Market 

Do you have a product ready to go to market but need help planning how to get it in the hands of your target audience?

The Growology team uses a unique combination of intelligent marketing analytics, traditional marketing strategies, and cutting edge guerilla tactics to design and execute a plan that will help you saturate each market you're looking to enter or grow.   Our team helps you decide who to target, where to target, and which mediums to use.  We'll also deliver valuable ROI data to ensure your team is using every marketing dollar in the most impactful way possible.



Start planning your Go-To Market strategy today.


Focus Areas:

  • Market Share Reporting 

  • Market Education Planning & Execution

  • Market Expansion Planning & Execution

  • Market Medium Planning

  • Release Events & Press Junkits 

  • Consumer Analytics Reporting 

  • Guerilla Marketing Planning & Execution 

  • Marketing Budget Planning & ROI Reporting

  • Co-Branding

Digital Enrichment

Need a new application or website? Or perhaps you'd like to look at a fully comprehensive digital platform strategy?

In today's market place, whether you're a B2C, B2B, or government entity, you need a durable digital platform that consistently communicates and interacts with your audience, and reports intelligent data back to you.  Many companies overlook critical pieces of their digital footprint and in turn miss out on potential revenue or underserve their clientele, which creates room for competitors to steal market share.


The Growology team will evaluate your entire digital platform strategy to find areas of improvement.  We start first by evaluating your current infrastructure, to ensure it's durable, redundant, and secure.  Next we look at the end user interfaces to ensure their responsive, easy to use, and engaging.  Lastly we look at enrichment strategies that will set your digital platform apart from your competition and strengthen your team's ability to manage data and make informed decisions about the business.

Start developing your digital enrichment strategy today.

Focus Areas: 

  • TV, Film, & Commercial Development.

  • Infrastructure Evaluation & Planning

  • End User Interface Evaluation & Planning 

  • Mobile Application Planning & Development

  • E-Commerce Platform Planning & Development

  • Social Platform Enrichment

  • Email & Mobile Engagement

  • Customer Service Interaction Planning & Development

  • Loyalty Program Planning & Development

  • Digital Data Reporting & Automation

Targeted Power Campaigns

Have you ever walked around New York City and everywhere you turn there is the same ad for the same movie?  Then you get in the car to go home and hear about the movie on the radio? Finally you sit down to unwind for the day and you see commercials for the movie on TV? 


That's market saturation at its peak.  It's one strategy to get an audience to tune into your message.


What if you don't have a multi-million dollar budget to flood the market place with messaging?


That's where Growology comes in with Targeted Power Campaigns.  You don't need to overspend to deploy an effective mareting campaign.  A powerful campaign requires the right types of tools, the right wholesale outlets, and the right mix of media to be placed properly in front of the appriopiate groups.   Growology helps you identify which strategies will be the effective based on your goals, targets, and budget.  Then we help you develop a strategy to deploy meaningful and sustainable campaigns.

Focus Areas:

  • Premium Market Expansion Report

  • Digital Reach Strategy

  • Media Purchase & Placement

  • Focus & Survey Group Programs

  • Geo Specific Targeting

  • Promotional Effectiveness Reporting

Guerilla Marketing

Effective Guerilla Marketing


Fun Theory Case Study

What is your brand doing to stand out?

Executive Vision


Team Building &

Corporate Culture

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