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In the age of information, big data, and open access... use it!

Allow our team to arm you with the most relevant and credible tools to help your team make better decisions faster.

Not the typical consulting program.  We are a spark to your flame, not a replacement of what you have.  

Allow our team to add a boost to your current program by having some of our experts sit with some of your experts to combine super powers.

Zig Zigler said "motivation is like bathing, you should do it everyday."  Ignite your teams with passionate and vibrant trainings to put real power behind your programs.  

Allow our team to help you put on the show.  


Executive Vision Planning 

Leverage our network of experts to help you plan and execute your near or long term company goals. Growology partners with subject matter experts, leading research firms, and the industry's best business consultants to help clients with critical business planning and strategy.  Whether you're in growth mode or conservation, our team will create valuable formulas, share industry expertise, and present viable options for your team to evaluate and incorporate into their vision.

Focus Areas:

  • Product Development 

  • Market Expansion

  • Budget Planning 

  • Breakthrough Performance 

  • Leadership Placement 

  • Annual & Quarterly Kickoff Meetings 

Leadership Coaching

Your leadership team is the quarterback of your company.  Without a strong, aligned, and well coached leadership team, no plan will ever reach its targets.  From program creation to live workshops, our team is one of the best in the industry in assisting you coach your leaders to lead with passion, vision, and effectiveness.  We don't pull standard trainings "off the shelf." We take our time to understand your company culture, company direction, and leadership style.  Then we customize a leadership coaching program to deliver the right tools and the right messages that will foster sustainability.


Focus Areas:

  • Leadership Alignment 

  • Core Principle Refinement 

  • Encouraging Creativity & Growth

  • Effective Leadership Communication

  • Sustainable Performance

  • Power Messaging 

  • Annual & Quarterly Kickoff Meetings 

Corporate Team Building

"The Team" is the heartbeat of your company.  Growology knows the power of a united team and we take team-building seriously.  Growology will help you empower your team with skills to keep them motivated, focused, and productive.  Our team building programs and trainings produce real results and create an environment of healthy growth and sustainable performance.


Focus Areas: 

  • Belief System Enrichment 

  • Unity Building 

  • Team Identity Shaping 

  • Communication Strategy & Planning 

  • Team Building Event Planning & Execution

  • Workshops & Live Trainings

  • Program Creation & Management 

  • Annual & Quarterly Kickoff Meetings 

Custom Learning Solutions

Finding a learning solution that works for your company can be extremely difficult; but then getting your staff to consistently use the program is even more challenging.  Many companies buy learning management systems from the top vendors, spend millions of dollars deploying it, and 24 months later, they still have limited use of the platform and an under developed staff.  We urge against the "off the shelf" strategy.  The secret to creating an effective learning solution is to start by understanding each teams' learning style.  Engineers learn very differently from sales folks, and HR staff differently from accounting, each group is different.  You don't need millions of dollars to deploy an effective learning solution, you need the right types of learning tools placed in front of the right groups.   Growology helps you identify how your teams learn most effectively, then we help you develop a strategy to deploy meaningful and sustainable trainings that your staff will actually use in their everyday tasks.

Focus Areas:

  • Learning Style Identification

  • Content & Program Development 

  • Learning Tool Strategy Development 

  • Program Certifications & Evaluations

  • Train the Trainer Programs

Corporate Responsibility

Some of the biggest mistakes made in corporations today are around "Corporate Responsibilty." Many companies blindly or half-heartedly donate time, money, and effort to charities that don't use their money wisely and more importantly don't create any value to the company except small tax breaks.  If this is your company, STOP.  Your charitable work can also be tied to bringing revenue back to the company.  Growology helps you think globally and act locally, which enriches your brand by strengthening the perception of your company right in your own backyard.  Turn a vacant parking lot into an urban farm, do a children's music festival near your office, send branded clean water bottles to a nearby sports program, the possibilities are endless.  Growology has created partnerships with dozens of impactful non-profit organizations around the country to help our clients spend their charitable donations more wisely.  Give back in a way that grows the community around your offices and watch your brand grow as well.

Focus Areas:

  • Urban Farming & Conservation 

  • Clean Water Placement

  • Recycling Electronics

  • Sports & Fitness Programs 

  • At Risk & Abuse Victim Support 

Corporate Culture 

If every day feels like a dark and rainy day at your office, then it's not the weather its your corporate culture.  A lot of companies get stuck in a funk.  It usually comes from too many changes too quickly, low energy programs, the wrong leadership messaging, and the general cost of doing business over time.  Growology has the perfect medicine to wipe out your corporate "cold."  We don't have to change your company to change the attitude.   Growology will leverage your existing assets to create ways to excite employees and brighten up the office.

Focus Areas:

  • Office Enrichment

  • Team Unity Programs 

  • Inter-Team Communication Strategies 

  • Brand Re-Release

  • Contest & Goal System Strategies 

  • Power Meeting Planning 

Vendor Management 

There are a million training programs out there about sales, but very few about buyer training and vendor management.  The bottom line is companies usually sell a lot smarter than they buy.  Growology will evaluate your current relationships, contracts, rates, and service level agreements with your most critical (or pesty) vendors and assist your team in significantly lowering your overall vendor costs while simultaneously increasing the level of performance you receive from your vendors.

Focus Areas:

  • Cost Reduction 

  • Digital Management Tools 

  • Performance Improvement 

  • Bid Creation 

  • Vendor Selection & Matrix Creation 

Executive Vision


Program Management

Team Building &

Corporate Culture

Professional program management is hard to come by.  Especially when you don't have the budget to hire an entire staff of PMPs.  The results of poor program management are usually poor customer service, missed deadlines, and underperforming groups.  Growology helps design a set of formulas to work as a master template for all program supporters to manage from.  The programs come from strengthening the team member's ability to communicate in written, verbal, and visual outlets.

Focus Areas:

  • Successful Program Basics

  • Program Communication Strategy

  • General Process Improvement

  • Time, Cost, and Target Improvement

International Business Strategies

Navigating international business waters is difficult.  Whether you're based in the US and looking to leverage overseas partners OR your company is based outside of the US and you're looking to expand your reach to the states, Growology has the network you need to tap into.  Our international business consultants specialize in trade and commerce that crosses geographical borders, language barriers, and sensitive cultural standards.  Contact our team today to talk about your international business challenges.

Focus Areas:

  • Asia Pacific Business Trade & Purchase

  • European Market Expansion 

  • US Go-To Market Strategies 

  • US Vendor Networking

  • ESL Programs & Coaching

Accounts Payable Intelligence

The Accounts Payable Intelligence program generates revenue that transfers immediately to your bottom line. The program cost little to no investment upfront and is based on contingent exemption refunds found in your company's accounts payable reports. 

The tax law guidelines and breaks in each state is a complex matrix.  Many accounting departments do not have the time to look as deeply as they need to at accounts payable invoices in comparison with revised state laws.  Growology will review the past 3 years of accounts payable invoices and find overspent tax dollars.  We'll work with your accounting team or outside firm to verify our findings.  Then we submit appeals on your behalf and your company receives payment from the State directly.