Our Consultant Standards
Specialized Knowledge 

The majority of our subject matter experts hold advanced degrees and certifications in their respective fields.  We're also highly in favor of cross functional knowledge sharing and therefore we take a 360 degree approach to all projects.  It's not uncommon to find a doctor of psychology sitting in on a marketing session or an IT security expert briefing executives on long range planning. 

Focused Expertise 

If you've been in a leadership role for quite some time, you know nothing can teach you like experience can.  Each project we take on is assigned a specific experienced executive leader who counsels the project manager and stake holders throughout the project lifecycle.    

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our work. Deliverables, milestones, and detailed result targets outline every agreement we enter.  After our discovery session, our team will present a proposal with our guarantees for the project.  We will not take on the project if we cannot deliver tangible results.

Our Leaders
Darryl Clark, VP Business Operations 

Darryl Clark is our Vice President of Business Operations and process master.  Originally from New York City, Darryl  graduated with honors from Duquesne University in 2003 with a degree in Business Administration.  From there Darryl has went on to lead projects for global entertainment giants like Sony, Warner Bros, and Fox.  Darryl is always fine tuning our process and procedures.  

Darryl coaches our company and our client's companies with precision process startegies that move projects along.

We asked Darryl for an epic quote, this is what he said:

"Action is the result of decision.  Once you have created action, then you have something to improve upon.  Until then its just thoughts."


Lois Di Caminello, CPO

Lois Di Caminello is our Chief People Officer and our very own matrix oracle.  Lois retired early from a remarkably successful 20 year career in the NYC textile industry.  During which time Lois was the trend setter and head consultant to some of the world's most influential leaders in design, retail, fashion, and manufacturing.  Today Lois is our people guru.  


Lois steers our company and our client's companies with wisdom about industrial organization, corporate responsibility, and personal engagement.  

We asked Lois for an epic quote, this is what she said:


"You want a quote from me? What do you want me say?  I've spent 20 years as a business woman of power in New York City, I've seen every obstacle you could imagine, and one thing always holds true, surround yourself with the best people possible and draw your power from each other to move your company forward." 

Matt Tranguch, CEO

Matt is our Chief Executive Officer and the passionate quarterback of our team.  Ironically he spent most of his athletic career as a defensive player, however Matt's gift is leadership no matter what side of the ball he's on.  He graduated from West Chester University in 2005 with a BA in Political Science.  From there he earned leaderhip roles for some of the nations leaders in real estate, technology, and non-profit organizations.  During such time Matt has transformed and led global sales teams to record breaking revenue results.  With expertise in executive coaching, team building, technology consulting, sales process, and sales professional training, Matt has pioneered new success paths for organizations like GE, Apple, Cisco, the NFL, the MLB, the US Army, NASA, and HUD.  Whether it's nailing the keynote speech or running a 5 day learning event, you'll find Matt being swarmed by people to pull from his energy source.

Matt coaches our company and our client's companies with a vibrant vision for growth shaping and an emphasis on delivering the message the right way.

We asked Matt for an epic quote, this is what he said:

"You can have the right plan, the right people, and the right resources, but without passion you're just a nice car with no engine." 

Randall Landis, VP Marketing

Randall Landis is our Vice President of Marketing.  Randall studied at Albright University and graduated with degrees in business, multi-media communication, and graphic design.  Since then Randall has held multiple leadership roles that have covered the globe with marketing projects and campaigns executed for global leaders like Nike, UA, and Reebok.


Randall coaches our company and our client's companies with expert modern marketing techniques, brand awareness strategies, and "the eye."


We asked Randall for an epic quote, this is what he said:


"The first visual is the first impression of value.  That is why nothing leaves our shop without looking like the value we're trying to portray" 


David Wu, SVP Technology 

David Wu is our Senior Vice President of Technology.  A california native, David graduated from UCLA with honors in Engineering, and then earned his masters in Information Technology from Georgetown University in 2005.  Since then David  has been pioneering technology developments for leaders like Uber, Waze, Google, and Amazon.  His advancements in geo spacial mapping and application platform integration are being used today as standards in the industry.  David moonlights as an application developer and jeopardy expert. 

David coaches our company and our client's companies with technology leading strategies that turn previous expense centers into revenue generating platforms.

We asked David for an epic quote, this is what he said: 

"The biggest problem facing 'non-tech' companies today is that they're still using their technology as a cost model rather than a service tool.  It's literally in the wrong expense column."

Anthony Moran, CFO

Anthony is our Chief Finance Officer and our numbers "Ace."  If Anthony had been born in the early 1900's he would of surely sat next to Lucky Luciano and Myer Lansky helping them plan Las Vegas math formulas.  After he graduated from FAU in 1999 with degrees in fianance and business management, he moved back home to New York where he worked his way up to Partner and CEO of one of the largest private insurance firms in New York State.  Anthony also moonlights as a real estate developer when he's not chasing his  twin boys around the house.  

Anthony coaches our company and our client's companies with forward thinking economic principles that drive profit, predict costs, and reduce waste.

We asked Anthony for an epic quote, this is what he said: 

"If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense."

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